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October 26, 2016

Selling goods through global marketplace eBay is
proving extremely lucrative to a new breed of online dealers.


The Rise and Rise of Brendan Elias

The continued evolution of the online marketplace has been a shopper’s dream and an entrepreneur’s delight. With seemingly ever-increasing profits ballooning into the billions of dollars, e-commerce has led a boom in consumer spending and ushered in an earth-shifting change in the way people spend.

At the forefront of this change, a slew of multinational powerhouses such as Amazon and eBay oversee combined revenues of over $80 billion for the year 2013 alone, further serving to power this exponential growth. Selling anything from healthcare products to the latest in hi-tech gadgetry, these online retailers offer the world almost any product from the comfort of their home pc. And somewhere at the intersection within these monuments of retail commerce, stands Brendan Elias.

Call him what you will: middle man, entrepreneur, visionary… Brendan has heard them all. From national newspapers to broadcast television reports, Brendan’s been there and got the t-shirt. But it all started with a dream. Like many, Brendan Elias’ dream consisted of substantial wealth, independence, and the ability to maintain this wealth with minimal effort. For many, such dreams are destined to stay confined to the far recesses of the imagination. But for Brendan, the dream was more of an awakening.

By complete contradiction, it was this dream which roused him from his entrepreneurial slumber and focused his mind. The goal was set; become exceedingly wealthy and spend the minimal amount of energy in achieving said wealth. It is often said that it takes a perfect storm to achieve perfect conditions. An alignment of factors such as time, place and person is often required to achieve such a breakthrough. The time was the early to mid-2000s and the e-commerce revolution – although already a full scale, developed industry – was still in its relative infancy. The place was online, in every home, every office, at every desk. The person, of course, was Brendan.

“I don’t see the goods, I don’t see the customers and I don’t see the money. I just see it in my bank account,”

– Brendan Elias

Brendan already had the earliest beginnings of an entrepreneur, gifted to him by his father, Nat Elias, who began teaching Brendan the ‘ins and outs’ of importing at a very young age. Nat was at the forefront of the import industry, memorably importing such items as Casio and Seiko watches, and the handheld game of Donkey Kong. Adding to this life experience, Brendan began his tertiary education with a Commerce Law Degree at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia.

He then supplemented his qualifications with various studies in diverse fields from other top, international educational institutions such as a study of Chinese Contract Law at the Beijing University of Politics and Law, International Trade Law at the University of Economics and Politics in Hamburg, Germany and a study of International Copyright Law at Queens University in Canada. Brendan’s life seemed set for a promising career in commercial law, but he would not stray too far from the lessons his father had taught him, nor the pioneering spirit that had been instilled in him “From my experiences with and the booming growth in online shopping, it seemed to me that my potential income as an eBay seller far outstripped my potential income as a lawyer” he would go on to reason.

Many years later, he then transformed his life and developed systems to change the lives of thousands more.


Brendan’s sense of timing was perfect. He jumped aboard the e-commerce ship and forged his own niche among the industry giants by essentially sourcing products, importing them and auctioning off those products to the highest online bidder. The result was a number of successful businesses, essentially offering a wide variety of products from; pocket bikes to dune buggies, pedometers to alcohol breath testers, electronic scooters and much more. As exciting as the money he was making, Brendan was equally enthralled at the low level of management that overseeing his import businesses required: “This is why it’s cool. I don’t see the goods, I don’t see the customers. I don’t even see the money.

It just appears as ones and zeroes in my bank account”. Brendan was able to parlay his natural business acumen and the timing of a booming online sales industry into numerous businesses netting him millions of dollars in profit, and a profile solidified as being among the leaders in the online import and sales market and the ‘go to’ person for people to connect with and learn about the online import business.

Travelling internationally and often personally sourcing the high-end products direct from manufacturers, Brendan then began assisting clients from all walks of life to achieve their goal of leaving their normal day jobs and become independently wealthy as importers themselves. He is currently recognized as the pre-eminent authority in the industry. Part of Brendan’s success is his ability to adequately place himself as the middle-man in the distribution channel. By doing this, Brendan says he is able to garner between 50 – 100 percent net profit and still maintain a competitive advantage over other retailers.

Brendan mentions the advantages of importing from China as being both a mixture of the realization of financial success as well as the achievement of personal goals such as:

  • The profit margins are much higher.
  • The management and maintenance of the business is very simple, flexible and low in time consumption.
  • Gaining independence and feeling a sense of accomplishment by building a successful business that is entirely your own.
  • In an ever changing world full of recession and retrenchments, it offers potentially greater job security.
  • It’s not limited to any educational background, qualifications or experience, meaning anyone can do it.

It seems the rapid increase in e-commerce sales and the rise and rise of Brendan Elias go hand in hand. It takes one pioneer to lay the trail for others to follow, and as Brendan continues to assist clients from all over the world and all walks of life, one would presume there are many more successful import entrepreneurs like him to come.


Brendan’s favorite car is the Porche Carrera GT

“If you want to get fast results with importing and build a profitable business sourcing products from China, then our products can definitely help you.”


This 5 part video course reveals how to make your trip to the Canton Fair and China a profitable one! Brendan covers everything from skipping the long queues at the fair, where to eat, how to arrange transport, where to find the best translators, understanding customs and much more! If you’re heading to China this is a program you do not want to miss.



Through the 2 days CIF bootcamp, I learnt the value of sourcing quality products at a fair price.

I learnt to ship quality inspected goods from China directly to an Amazon Fulfillment center.

I don’t touch or hold my goods. The item sells, and Amazon do the rest. I spend my time growing the business and not working the business.

In my trial run, I sold 800/900 of my goods within a 3 month period and looking to expand further.

The goods cost me less than $5 USD and selling for $19.97. , that’s ~$16,000

Thank you to Brendan and his team for their guidance and valuable knowledge

– Jack Epsimos , Amazon FBA

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I joined the China Import Formula because I’m looking at importing products that are related to the work that I do in my industry. The program has really been informative I’ve got a lot of information that I can now put into place because the system was really well documented and I would really recommend this to everybody.
I chose to do the China Import Formula because I felt that I could import and potentially even export some ideas and products across the world. I found this program to be very professional, very outgoing, it has filled in a lot of gaps in my mind and it has taught me how I can potentially create a business very rapidly. Yes, I would recommend China Import formula. I think it’s exceptional.
I am here just to find out abit more about importing and I found it informative, insightful, stuffs are lovely. And I look forward to importing in the future. I think it be a really great help.
Attending Brendan's seminar is a breath of fresh air! I never imagined I was missing out on so much information. His seminar opened up several doors for me that I am currently exploring. So far, everything is working out great. Thanks Brendan!
Just want to say thank you Brendan for actually finding all these information out, to share with us today. I, myself has been starting to import and going to the process of bringing in samples. And now, I actually get to start getting the box samples. Thank you.

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